Dr. Kate Hefferon

Chartered Research Psychologist

Positive Psychology And The Body: The Somatopsychic Side To Flourishing

Hefferon, K. (2013)

As positive psychology continues to make leaps and bounds in terms of scientific advancement, the focus on the importance of the body within optimal functioning is still lagging. Positive Psychology and the Body provides a critical reflection on this omission, highlighting the mounting corpus of scientific research completed on the physical mechanisms which assist either momentary experiences of pleasure or longer-lasting feelings of meaning and self development.

Indispensable reading for students of well-being, positive psychology and sports psychology, the book spans topics such as physical activity, genetics, interpersonal touch, positive sexual behaviours, nutrition and many more. Those studying and researching coaching, health, clinical psychology and counselling psychology will also find the book valuable reading.

With contributions from Angela Clow and Michael Pluess.

“Finally, an author has addressed the white elephant in the room: the human body. Arguably one of the most important aspects of the self the body has long been overlooked by positive psychologists as a serious point of study. This book has it all: from sex to genetics to illness Hefferon brings an expert review of research, clear advice and fresh thinking.”
Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, Managing Director, Positive Acorn, LLC

“With this fine textbook, Positive Psychology expands its scope considerably, to include new and important perspectives from the very foundation of any psyche: the body. Indeed, we may argue that as much as any organ, the psyche is part of the body, if certainly still very strangely so. Kate Hefferon with her colleagues are to be strongly applauded for making new understandings of the mind-body-unity so accessible to students and everyone else interested in this fascinating topic.”
Hans Henrik Knoop, Aarhus University, Denmark and President, European Network for Positive Psychology

“In a field – positive psychology – overcrowded with simplistic treatments of happiness and the good life, Kate Hefferon has put together a truly original book. By linking principles of positive psychology with the body, Hefferon brings to light the need for a more holistic approach to the good life, one that honors the reality that we carry out this project called “life” tethered to this world through our bodies. Anybody interested in a more grounded positive psychology should read this book.”
Corey L. M. Keyes, Professor of Sociology, Emory University, USA

“In showing the relevance of positive psychology to sexuality, nutrition, health and physical activity Kate Hefferon pushes the boundaries of positive psychology into new territory. Packed with ideas that we can apply in our own lives, students and others interested in positive psychology will find this book an excellent introduction. Well worth the time to read.”
Stephen Joseph, author of What Doesn’t Kill Us: The New Psychology of Posttraumatic Growth

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