Dr. Kate Hefferon

Chartered Research Psychologist

Invited Speaker at the Defence Academy Masterclass Lecture Series

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at a day long  lecture series at the Defence Academy,  focused on Personal Resilience 2013074-BHNS_Personal_Resilience_56251_U. Nic Marks from Happiness at Work (http://www.nicmarks.org) presented on the importance of happiness in occupational settings and Chris Cullen, from the Oxford Mindfulness centre (http://oxfordmindfulness.org/about/people/mindfulness-teachers/) presented an extended workshop on Mindfulness.  My presentation focused on the concept of Posttraumatic growth within military contexts and is available to download in publications section. Thanks again to John Parr for the opportunity to work with such inspirational people.

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